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    Misophonia – My Art Of Silence

    What Is Misophonia? Misophonia is a disorder that triggers a strong emotional reaction to particular sounds. Misophonia actually means “hatred of sound”. From the age of 12, I remember developing strong emotional reactions to particular sounds. The trigger for me was hearing my father eat chicken. I remember watching and hearing him eat fried chicken, which resulted in a personal strong internal rage. Over the years, these sound triggers have developed to many forms of actions and sounds. Misophonia has quite the modest research on the condition, though here I seek to express how it feels for me and impacts my art. Living With Misophonia Before I get into this,…

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    How To Sell Art Online

    In this blog post, I’ll explain my top tips for becoming a successful artist and how to sell art online. I have been a professional since 2017 and a hobby artist a few years prior. In this time, I’ve sold over $3 million in original art and signed royalty contracts with over 20 print companies for art print reproductions world-wide. I’ve discovered a great range of skills, techniques and insights in both art and business. I aim to share as much of what I’ve learned with fellow artists in this blog post as I can in one post. I hope my experiences can help all other artists out there find…

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