Ashvin Harrison and Ash Barty Wimbledon Portrait Artwork for Rado Make a Wish Foundation Australian Open Event 37

Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison

Tennis Meets Art

Artist and athlete combine as Australian Tennis star, WTA World #1 and Rado Ambassador Ash Barty joins forces with internationally renowned Australian artist Ashvin Harrison.
A collaboration of art and sport for charity Make a Wish Foundation.

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Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison Collaborate for Charity

A unique artwork creation resulting from two exciting painting processes. Acclaimed artist Ashvin Harrison began painting the portrait of world number one tennis player Ash Barty. Ashvin creates a fine art realistic portrait of Ash Barty using fine charcoal dust and also gesso in his studio. The energy of the tennis player and the fineness of the composition’s lines are emblematic of the painter’s dexterity.

Ashvin and Ash create the colourful splashing elements in a second phase. Ash Barty hit 6 tennis balls covered in hues ranging from bright orange and dark blue to also light blue and silver. Heavy forehand tennis racket hits smack the balls into the supported canvas artwork to create dynamic imprints on the canvas. To complete the piece, Ashvin then applied the final vibrant unique signature style splashes. Watch the behind the scenes video to see the art in action and also see the final result!

“The fusion of sport and art is captured beautifully on canvas, creating a unique symbiosis that can only come from the passion of two people exceptionally talented in their fields.” -Singulart

Ashvin Harrison and Ash Barty Wimbledon Portrait Artwork for Rado Make a Wish Foundation Australian Open Event 5
Ashvin Harrison and Ash Barty meet in Brisbane, Australia to plan the artistic collaboration.

Ash Barty

Ashleigh (Ash) Barty is an Australian professional tennis player and current WTA World Number 1. Ash joins in on this artistic project thanks to Rado Switzerland. Barty became part of the RADO family in 2017 when she joined the Swiss watchmaker’s YoungStar programme. With RADO, she shares a strong love of the game, unwavering determination and also a passion for inventive and creative play. Currently WTA World Number 1—a year-end ranking she has achieved for the last three seasons—Ash’s tennis achievements include winning the 2019 French Open ladies singles title, the 2019 WTA Finals , two Miami Open titles, an Olympic Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles and reaching a Fed Cup Final. Her most significant achievement was achieved in 2021, when she became the Wimbledon ladies singles champion, fulfilling her childhood dream and becoming the first Australian woman to win the championship since her mentor, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, won 41 years ago.

Ashvin Harrison

Ashvin Harrison is an exciting Australian painter, whose work also has featured in exhibitions and publications internationally. He explores all themes that express a passion for existence. Ashvin believes that emotional reaction is the allure for inspiration.

Driven by the major contrasts that exist within the human experience, he composes sensitive figurative pieces with interesting juxtapositions of monochrome structures next to colourful details. He visualises an idea or concept before brushing charcoal to canvas. Music playing loudly motivates the colour splashing process once the charcoal art is completed. Charcoal is transformed into artworks of representational existence and also the reflection of the viewer or their physical perceptions on life. The abstract expressionist colours are there to communicate the endless boundaries of beauty in existence and inspire the viewer to seek more positivity in their own lives.

The Ash Barty Portrait Painting Auction

The Ash Barty portrait painting goes up for Auction from Monday January 10th and ends midnight January 31st (Melbourne, Australia time- GMT +11). Rado sponsored Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison collaboration goes to auction on Singulart Gallery for the Make A Wish Foundation.

The auctioned items include:

The 200cm x 150cm Ashvin Harrison signed portrait painting of Ash Barty
An Ash Barty Wimbledon tennis racket signed and used to help create the painting splatters
4x Ash Barty signed Rado tennis balls
A Rado Limited Edition Hyperchrome Ash Barty watch

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Ashvin Harrison Art - Ash Barty Artwork Portrait
Ashvin Harrison portrait painting of Ash Barty.

Ashvin Harrison is an Internationally acclaimed Australian artist living in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His unique expressive creations of charcoal and paint examine the human condition through philosophical and emotional inspirations. Ashvin is a self taught artist whom has created and sold artworks in over 40 countries since becoming a full-time artist in 2017. Ashvin Created this unique genre style, referred to as 'Motusrealism', in 2012.