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    Live Painting at Melbourne Official Opening For Nissarana Galleries

    The first major live art show event for the year was held in Melbourne, Australia. Ashvin signed with Nissarana Gallery in Noosa in March 2023. Now the gallery has opened their second gallery space in Richmond Melbourne in June. This is an exciting first ever live painting event for Ashvin. He flew down from Brisbane and gave an intimate live painting show for his fans and important art collectors. The event was a huge success with 200 + guests enjoying the show. This event was the perfect start in setting him up for the rest of the year with some very exciting live painting events to be held in the…

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    Misophonia – My Art Of Silence

    What Is Misophonia? Misophonia is a disorder that triggers a strong emotional reaction to particular sounds. Misophonia actually means “hatred of sound”. From the age of 12, I remember developing strong emotional reactions to particular sounds. The trigger for me was hearing my father eat chicken. I remember watching and hearing him eat fried chicken, which resulted in a personal strong internal rage. Over the years, these sound triggers have developed to many forms of actions and sounds. Misophonia has quite the modest research on the condition, though here I seek to express how it feels for me and impacts my art. Living With Misophonia Before I get into this,…

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    Europe Art Tour 2022

    My First Business Trip As An Artist These past few months have already been an exciting one for my art career. I’ve enjoyed spending the day with Ash Barty (Former World No.1 tennis player) and sponsor Rado. We created an incredible artwork for charity during the Australian Open. I was able to rank as the number one biggest selling artist on a major online only art gallery worldwide. I’ve outsold Monet, Picasso and Van Gough on a couple major print company websites internationally to become their no.1 selling artist with prints of my art. I created exciting new art themes and have met some incredible art collectors this year. To…

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    The Top Ten Acrylic Paints For Artists

    Acrylic paint is a versatile and popular medium for artists, known for its fast-drying time, water-resistance, versatility and vibrant colors. With a variety of brands available, each with its own unique qualities, it can be difficult for artists to determine which one is best suited for their work. It is important to consider what style of art you seek to create with your acrylic paints before considering this information. My personal style is abstract expressionism, which requires vibrant, fluid and versatile attributes. I also paint with many mediums to achieve flow and expressive splatter techniques. In this blog post, I will explore the differences between the major acrylic paint brands…

  • Ashvin Harrison and Ash Barty Wimbledon Portrait Artwork for Rado Make a Wish Foundation Australian Open Event 37
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    Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison

    Tennis Meets Art Artist and athlete combine as Australian Tennis star, WTA World #1 and Rado Ambassador Ash Barty joins forces with internationally renowned Australian artist Ashvin Harrison. A collaboration of art and sport for charity Make a Wish Foundation. View, Join and Bid in the Auction! Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison Collaborate for Charity A unique artwork creation resulting from two exciting painting processes. Acclaimed artist Ashvin Harrison began painting the portrait of world number one tennis player Ash Barty. Ashvin creates a fine art realistic portrait of Ash Barty using fine charcoal dust and also gesso in his studio. The energy of the tennis player and the fineness…