Refund and Returns Policy

Ashvin Harrison’s artworks come with full insurance though do not come with a return policy due to the high import taxes, shipping and insurance costs personally covered internationally. However, on the absolute rare case (actually 1 in 1000 thus far) that your artwork is damaged in transit, you will be completely refunded as outlined in the paragraph below. Please keep this in mind when working out the size, colour or features of the artwork you desire. Email Ashvin personally for additional photos, information or advice. EMAIL ME!

To obtain a refund for a damaged artwork, you will need to provide photos from parcel arrival, photos once opened and information about the damage. This information and photos will be sent to DHL for verification and for the insurance company to process. Once the insurance company has processed the the application (usually takes 5-14days), a refund for the value of artwork is refunded to the art collector and the shipping cost refunded to the artist. As mentioned, this has only ever occurred once out of all 1000+ artworks shipped worldwide to 40+ countries over the past 6 years.

Need Further Help?

Contact Ashvin Harrison personally via email to discuss your artwork desires, shipping location and any concerns you may have. EMAIL ME!