Ashvin Harrison In Europe Paris with Singulart

Europe Art Tour 2022

My First Business Trip As An Artist

These past few months have already been an exciting one for my art career. I’ve enjoyed spending the day with Ash Barty (Former World No.1 tennis player) and sponsor Rado. We created an incredible artwork for charity during the Australian Open. I was able to rank as the number one biggest selling artist on a major online only art gallery worldwide. I’ve outsold Monet, Picasso and Van Gough on a couple major print company websites internationally to become their no.1 selling artist with prints of my art. I created exciting new art themes and have met some incredible art collectors this year. To top it all off, I featured and painted live at a European Art Show. This exhibition took place in Vienna, Austria. However, I took a trip to the online art gallery head office in Paris and also enjoyed a few fan meet and greets.

Paris – From an Artist’s Perspective

Paris is an exciting and vibrant city to say the least. I felt the positive energy the second I step foot on the streets. Everything felt somewhat back to ‘normal’ post these covid years. Each area had a distinct vibe, scent, sounds and also an almost glow about it. Throughout each day, I tried to walk as often as possible to enjoy the streets and sights on my way to each planned occasion. With the help of some new friends, I was able to explore a variety of what Paris had to offer.

Time with the online art gallery staff was a highlight with video recording, meet and greets, a Q & A and spectacular lunch and also evening with a group of nice people. Working with the staff on email for the past 3 years had been often good. Though meeting in person has provided a greater connection purpose from my art creation, to gallery and to art collectors.

Switzerland – Meeting Art Collectors

I enjoyed Switzerland in 2018, and even more this time! The lakes, the swans, the architecture and the relaxed feeling in the air is inviting. I met up with a few art collectors and fans of my art and enjoyed great food and drinks. Again, it was nice to put a face and connection to people I had spoken to over email and social media for some time. As with Paris, my time here has also inspired new art, new focuses and a greater desire to exhibit more art worldwide.

Vienna- Art Exhibition

My first ever main art exhibition was a success. I painted live in front of an audience of art collectors and also enjoyed connecting with fans and other artists. The art show has given me a desire to take on more artistic adventures and travel. It was great to sell my art to collectors in person and also inspiring in understanding their connection to my creations.

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Ashvin Harrison

Ashvin Harrison is an Internationally acclaimed Australian artist living in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His unique expressive creations of charcoal and paint examine the human condition through philosophical and emotional inspirations. Ashvin is a self taught artist whom has created and sold artworks in over 40 countries since becoming a full-time artist in 2017. Ashvin Created this unique genre style, referred to as 'Motusrealism', in 2012.