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Golden Onyx Sensation

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Artwork Dimensions
36 x 24 x 1.5″ (91 x 61 x 4cm)

Charcoal and Acrylics on Fine Art Ready to Hang Canvas
Ready to Hang


Golden Onyx Sensation

The beauty of human form and an expression of emotional reaction to positive senses of existence have inspired the creation of this artwork ‘Golden Onyx Sensation’. This charcoal and acrylic painting on fine art ready to hang canvas is an expression of life through thought and emotion. This artwork expresses the beauty of life through fine art realism, expressionism, abstract and street art styles. Charcoal provides the representational structure for the woman, using a unique and also made up technique with paint brush and charcoal dust. Colour choices include charcoal, onyx, gold, silver and special reflective acrylic medium, which shines in green, magenta and blue at different angles of light.

This artwork is a ready to hang fine art 4cm thick stretched canvas with 5 layers of soft white gesso painted. Sealed with high quality charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity. Dated and signed on the back and also framing wire added before shipping. Main photos are professional and also some close up photos on camera phone.


Additional Artwork Information

All of Ashvin Harrison’s realistic artworks are inspired by real life posing people and nature, photographs or imagination. Also, all artworks have a charcoal element to them. This painting, like most pieces, is a mixture of acrylics, acrylic medium thinners, acrylic medium flows and also mixing additives with charcoal dust paint.

Please contact me if you would like to see more photos or seek more information about this artwork. Ashvin can create on different size formats from A3 artworks to large ready to hang artworks of 183cm (72″). Also, Ashvin offers super sized rolled canvas artworks up to 280cm. Ashvin Harrison has been creating art full-time since 2017 with over 250 artworks created annually.