Vigour (print)


The original artwork is SOLD. Prints of this artwork are available via the “View & Buy A Canvas Print” Button



This original artwork has SOLD. Prints of this artwork are available via the “View & Buy A Canvas Print” Button

The sense of power, beauty and enthusiasm for existence have inspired the creation of this artwork ‘Vigour’. This artwork examines emotional reaction through fine art realism, expressionism, abstract and street art styles. Charcoal provides the structure and base for the nude figurative portrait, using a unique and also made up technique with paint brush. Powerful movement and emotion is expressed through the acrylic painting. Splashes and splatters of dark stormy blue, dark purple, yellow, orange, red, electric blue, purple, pink, bright green and gold are painted in this artwork.

Custom made ready to hang fine art canvas with 4 layers of soft white gesso. This art piece creates a strong shadow with the 4cm (1.5″) thick timber backed canvas edging. Sealed with high quality charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity. Main photos are professional and also some close up photos on camera phone.


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