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Loud Lunar- Acrylic Hand Painted On Limited Edition Gicleé Print


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Limited Edition Gicleé ARTWORK

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Artwork Dimensions
64 x 48 x 1.5″ (170 x 122 x 4cm)

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Printed Gicleé and Acrylic paints on Fine Art Stretched Canvas
Ready to Hang

* Shipped as stretched ready to hang canvas.
* Shipped by Representing Gallery Morton Contemporary in USA.


Loud Lunar- Acrylic Hand Painted On Limited Edition Gicleé Print

This is a series of Gallery Gilceé (printed charcoal section) with hand splash painted acrylic on stretched canvas. The charcoal section of the original artwork is scanned and printed onto stretched canvas in a replica edition of 10. This is no.1 of 10 in this size format as based off the original painting ‘Loud Lunar’. Once the gallery printing process is completed, the printed section is covered and then acrylic paint is splashed in wild energetic motion. The colour choices are intentionally unique and one off as to present it’s own story in comparison to the original painting ‘Loud Lunar’. Finally the artwork is signed on the front and dated on the back with edition number.

This artwork is a ready to hang fine art 4cm thick stretched canvas with soft white gesso painted background before the printing and acrylic painting process. Sealed with high quality charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity. Signed on the front with art ink. Dated and signed on the back and also framing wire added before shipping. Main photos are professional and also some close up photos on iPhone.


Additional Artist Information

Ashvin Harrison paints realistic artworks inspired by real life posing people and nature, photographs or imagination. Also, all original artworks have a charcoal dust element to them. This limited edition artwork is a mixture of printed black and white element with acrylics, acrylic medium thinners, acrylic medium flows and also mixing additives . This completely new made up approach to create art is a large part of Ashvin’s fast growing popularity in the art world.

Please contact me if you would like to see more photos or also seek more information about this artwork. All artworks ship for free to any country and also location within.

If this artwork is not the one for you, please check out the Artworks in Stock Page. Contact Ashvin to discuss a custom commissioned artwork. Ashvin can also create on different size formats of rolled or ready to hang artworks. Also, Ashvin offers super sized rolled canvas artworks up to 265cm (104″).