Ash Barty


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Artwork Dimensions
Huge” (150 x 200 x 0.1cm)

Charcoal and Acrylics on Fine Art Ready to Hang Canvas
Ready to Hang


Ash Barty

UPDATE: Artwork Sold at Auction for $47,000 AUD.


This unique artwork is the result of two exciting painting processes. Acclaimed artist Ashvin Harrison began painting the portrait of famous tennis player Ash Barty, with ink and charcoal dust in his studio. The energy of the tennis player in full action and the fineness of the composition’s lines are emblematic of the painter’s dexterity. The abstract expressionism and colorful dripping elements were realized by both Ashvin and Ash in a second phase. Ash hit 6 tennis balls covered in hues ranging from orange and dark blue to light blue and silver, to create dynamic imprints on the canvas. To complete the piece, Ashvin then applied the final vibrant splashes. Watch our behind the scenes video to see the art in action!

The fusion of sport and art is captured beautifully on canvas, creating a unique symbiosis that can only come from the passion of two people exceptionally talented in their fields. Place a bid on this iconic piece at
Auction ends midnight Melbourne Australia time January 31st.


Additional Artwork Information

All of Ashvin Harrison’s realistic artworks are inspired by real life posing people and nature, photographs or imagination. Also, all artworks have a charcoal element to them. This painting, like most pieces, is a mixture of acrylics, acrylic medium thinners, acrylic medium flows and also mixing additives with charcoal dust paint.

Please contact me if you would like to see more photos or seek more information about this artwork. Ashvin can create on different size formats from A3 artworks to large ready to hang artworks of 183cm (72″). Also, Ashvin offers super sized rolled canvas artworks up to 280cm. Ashvin Harrison has been creating art full-time since 2017 with over 250 artworks created annually.


Once Your Artwork Arrives

Most of Ashvin Harrison’s paintings arrive ready to hang and also will state such information next to each artwork page. The gallery recommends placing your artwork in a well lit room away from direct sunlight. The ready to hang artworks look great without a frame, though a floating frame can always compliment the look. The Singulart gallery suggests a plain white or charcoal black floating frame. If you would like more information, feel free to seek advice from Ashvin Harrison’s art advisor via email on the contact page.


Shipping and Taxes of Art

All artworks include free shipping worldwide. No matter the size or the region from Bora-Bora to Stockholm, Singulart Gallery ensure every artwork arrives in a timely manner. All artworks are insured with tracking to the door. Singulart also cover all your import taxes! Yes, no hidden fees or additional expenses! All you have to do is decide where to place your new artwork to enjoy. Ashvin’s logistic manager uses TNT or DHL in Australia, DHL and Fed-Ex worldwide and sometimes UPS in places like Russia, China and Kenya. Singulart ensures all artworks are packaged to the highest standard with custom made packaging created just for the artworks. Harrison’s art has shipped to over 40 countries worldwide and well over 100 cities since 2017.


Ashvin Harrison Wall Art Prints

Ashvin Harrison’s artworks are available as prints from over 20 authorised print companies worldwide. To view the authorised company list, click here. Below is a list of the art print companies you can buy this particular print from. Framed prints, ready to hang canvas prints, bedding covers, pillow covers, apparel, bags, phone covers and cases, furniture and much more is available. Well over 100,000 prints have been sold and shipped worldwide by the affiliated print companies since 2017. Please contact the company directing regarding any orders.


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