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Ash Barty


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Artwork Dimensions
Huge” (150 x 200 x 0.1cm)

Charcoal and Acrylics on Fine Art Ready to Hang Canvas
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Ash Barty

UPDATE: Artwork Sold at Auction for $47,000 AUD.


This unique artwork is the result of two exciting painting processes. Acclaimed artist Ashvin Harrison began painting the portrait of famous tennis player Ash Barty, with ink and charcoal dust in his studio. The energy of the tennis player in full action and the fineness of the composition’s lines are emblematic of the painter’s dexterity. The abstract expressionism and colorful dripping elements were realized by both Ashvin and Ash in a second phase. Ash hit 6 tennis balls covered in hues ranging from orange and dark blue to light blue and silver, to create dynamic imprints on the canvas. To complete the piece, Ashvin then applied the final vibrant splashes. Watch our behind the scenes video to see the art in action!

The fusion of sport and art is captured beautifully on canvas, creating a unique symbiosis that can only come from the passion of two people exceptionally talented in their fields.
Auction ends midnight Melbourne Australia time January 31st.



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