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The First Dance-(2018)


The original artwork is SOLD to commissioned buyer.

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The First Dance- Commissioned Painting

The original artwork is SOLD.

Artwork inspired by a photo of two people dancing from a book I bought recently. Also inspired by the colours of the beach with pose changes in hair, facial features and shadowing to suit a more beautiful artistic outcome.

I use a specific high quality canvas with environmentally sustainable pine backing. This canvas allows me to create more realistic and detailed charcoal art pieces. My unique process of applying charcoal to canvas to create photorealistic art is done through the use of various paint and makeup brushes cut to shape. I seal all pieces with charcoal fixative and acrylic fixative. Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.

Feel free to contact me about this artwork or commissioning your own ideas for a unique theme in my style of art CONTACT ME

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