Sweet Melody (On Show 18 May – 9 June USA)



Available for exclusive purchase prior to art exhibition on 18th May

Artwork on show from 18th May to 9th June

Artwork Dimensions
72 x 48 x 0.1″ (182 x 122 x 0.1cm)

Charcoal, Acrylics and Oil on Fine Art Stretched Canvas
Ready to Hang

*Artwork will be stretched by gallery
*White floating frame in context photo for example purposes only
Please contact the gallery to seek further information.


Sweet Melody

NOTE: This artwork is on show at the ‘Primary Vibes’ Art Exhibition 18th May at D.Colabella Fine Art Gallery, Ridgefield CT, USA. Pre purchase is available exclusively on AshvinHarrion.com . Inquire at D.Colabella Gallery to purchase. Shipping Worldwide. Artwork on show from 18th May to 9th June. *This artwork will be stretched by the gallery and therefore may differ to the stretched canvas information below.

The artwork ‘Sweet Melody’ is inspired by a love of music and nature. This charcoal and acrylic painting on fine art 11oz heavy weight rolled canvas is an expression of life through thought, emotion with fine art realism, expressionism and abstract styles. Charcoal provides the realism for the large Fender guitar, bee, hummingbird and butterflies, using a unique and also made up technique with paint brushes. Acrylic paint splashes of the rainbow in pink, yellow, red, orange, blue, green, purple and gold were applied in energetic motion. sparkle medium paint in was painted on the animals for sparkle shine and various light angles.

This artwork is a rolled fine art thick 11oz canvas with 5 layers of soft white gesso painted. Sealed with high quality charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity. Dated and signed on the back before shipping. Signed on front with art ink. Suitable for stretching or framing. *Stretched by gallery for art exhibition. Please email the gallery to discuss shipping options.


Additional Artwork Information

Ashvin Harrison paints realistic artworks inspired by real life posing people and nature, photographs or imagination. Also, all artworks have a charcoal dust element to them. This painting, like most pieces, is a mixture of acrylics, acrylic medium thinners, acrylic medium flows and also mixing additives with charcoal dust paint. This completely new made up approach to create art is a large part of Ashvin’s fast growing popularity in the art world.

Please contact me if you would like to see more photos or also seek more information about this artwork. All artworks ship for free to any country and also location within. Insurance and import taxes paid for by Ashvin, making for stress free purchasing and arrival of your new painting.

If this artwork is not the one for you, please check out the Artworks in Stock Page. Contact Ashvin to discuss a custom commissioned artwork. Ashvin can also create on different size formats of rolled or ready to hang artworks. Also, Ashvin offers super sized rolled canvas artworks up to 265cm (104″).


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