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Floral Painting- Sunflower Song

My latest art piece is inspired by both Van Gogh’s sunflower painting and Sunflowers in the Alora region, QLD. I don’t often look to art for inspiration as I’m more into music and dance, also I prefer creating my own style. However, I looked to Van Gogh for inspiration after deciding on creating a sunflower piece. I wanted to create a balance of vibrancy with the sunflower painting through the flowers and with the mood using charcoal. Van Gogh captured this with his softer tones and dark base colours. I felt my charcoal work would help create a solid base, also with a subtle emotional presence.

I created a vase with a beautiful feminine form in mind. A woman’s curves inspired the soft round base and the bend upward. I moved upright with my shading to allow the sunflowers to shine on the canvas. Buyers of my art will notice I use other colours in with my yellow works. I do this to help the yellow lift off the canvas, also to provide depth and clarity. I make up various resin-like mixes to get my resin effects and unique blends. The brown acrylic mixes have soft cells up close.

Packaging and Shipping Details

I package all my art to the highest standard. This art piece will be wrapped in acid free wrap, thick professional grade bubble wrap and cardboard. I use a specially made cardboard wrap and boxes to ensure the art is safe in transit. I have shipped over 260 art pieces worldwide safely. Couriers have commented on the high quality of my packaging compared to all other businesses in the region. I continue to focus on the best quality to ensure your art arrives safely and is just as fun to unwrap as it is to hang on the wall. TNT/Fed-Ex and DHL are most commonly used via my courier agent to deliver the best service. Couriers also provide a full warranty and insurance through to the door delivery.

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