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The Whitsundays Woman

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This piece is an updated piece I created earlier in the year. I wasn’t happy with the flower just yet, so I went back and added more vibrancy and movement to it. I also improved her hair somewhat. I’m now content and feel she is complete and ready for home.

This art piece is a focus on the beauty of the feminine form. A woman from Queensland, Australia posed for me as I worked through enhancing the shapes and forms with high contrast. I included a hibiscus flower as this is my favourite flower and links to great memories in the Whitsundays. I like to play with links between human and nature and the small separation between the two. I wanted the flower to be seen as a part of her- linking to my interests in existentialism. The flower is becoming a part of who she is.

This piece is sealed with high quality charcoal and satin acrylic fixative. Ready to Hang with D-hooks and 10kg rated wire.

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