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Rhodochrosite Wings

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This art piece is inspired by my love of geology and butterflies. The mineral of Rhodochrosite is what inspired this piece. Even though I don’t actually use a rose pink in the wings (the common mineral colour), I have created a similar fracture feeling and shades around the rose pink and orange area. I went quite heavy with he resin to create a marbling effect and can see some beautiful rock-like formation appearing in the lower wings. I’m enjoying the sense of movement resin helps me to express.

I’ve made up my own unique paint brushing effect to work in the charcoal. I then let the emotions run free with expressive splashes of acrylics, resin and resin-like mixes. This large canvas piece is ready to hang and sealed with high quality fixatives. Over 100 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.