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Night Garden Snail

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Snailed It

Artwork Details

My latest art piece is inspired by a garden snail. Most people I know find these creatures annoying and destructive. I however find them to be cute, and inspiring. They eat my plants at times, but I’m happy to share. I’ve thought about the link to human life in this piece and how we all create home to live in, yet they never really completely belong to us. I wanted to create a sense of world/galaxy as the shell to state this feeling of what ‘home’ is.

I have now sourced new high quality canvas. The canvas has environmentally sustainable pine backing, high quality cotton duck canvas and also a thick 4cm cross pine frame. This heavier canvas allows me to create more realistic and detailed charcoal art pieces.

This high quality canvas piece is ready to hang and sealed with charcoal and acrylic fixatives. Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.

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