The original artwork is SOLD. Prints of this artwork are available via the “View & Buy A Canvas Print” Button



The original artwork is SOLD. Prints of this artwork are available via the “View & Buy A Canvas Print” Button

‘Grace’ is the largest ballerina art piece I have created to date. Grace is defined as ‘simple elegance or refinement of movement’. I used some new styles and angled brushes for both the black and white charcoal and blue dress. This helped me to express a soft delicate flow and sense of weightlessness. It’s as if she is suspended in time and motion. I splashed light blue splashes to also provide a weightlessness and sense of atmosphere. The mild water theme is present as commonly seen lately in my works. I feel the water element balances well with the earthly charcoal look of my work.

This art piece is on a huge gallery canvas of the smoothest grade. This allowed for a soft and accurate charcoal blend. I had to work the charcoal in carefully as this canvas is not forgiving. Once the black is on, it is like set paint and can’t be rubbed off. I took my time over a couple of weeks to ensure I captured beauty, motion, emotion and time in one strong piece. My style has been described by many curators as a fusion between photorealism, abstract, expressionism and street art to create a unique contemporary art style. An art curator recently suggested the link to renaissance art in my blending technique. This is not intentional, though I admit it is the art period I am most inspired by.

Art collectors have been asking for larger and larger pieces on the best quality canvas, so I’m working too creative more art pieces in this super size. It’s a big risk to take as I can’t simply paint over the work. I’d have to start all over again on new canvas if I made a mistake. I’m glad this piece worked well to the end. More to come!

This piece is shipped in thick high grade materials including layers of acid free wrap, bubble wraps, cardboard and supports. All my art pieces are shipping worldwide with insurance and tracking to your door. Please click ‘contact’ if you’d like to commission a similar piece or want to try a new art theme with me.

Feel free to contact me about this artwork or commissioning your own ideas for a unique theme in my style of art CONTACT ME

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