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Electric Flame-(2018)


Charcoal and Acrylics on Canvas
24 x 36″ (60 x 90cm)
Ready to Hang

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Electric Flame

This art piece is inspired by fashion, feminine beauty and building excitement in life. I am enjoying the incorporation of fashion in my works as it allows me to express movement and detail in dresses. I like the wide variety of design options and the plays on liking to nature and emotion. I’ve created a sense of fire, water and lightning in this piece to emulate the emotion of rising exciting. That feeling you had as you waited in excitement for the first school camp. This feeling of containing energy like a shaken soft drink can about to be opened.

I created a realistic female form from my imagination. I then found a greek style dress online and based the design off that. I’ve used 8 various coloured acrylics within the splashes. There is also some resin and fluid acrylic effects throughout.

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