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Ballerina Painting- Grace

My latest ballerina painting is inspired by a previous work. This charcoal and acrylics piece is named ‘Grace’, also holding a close link to the attributes of this piece through definition. I used the highest quality gallery standard canvas to work from. Workers from Wright & Co sand smooth this brilliant canvas to allow a soft charcoal application. I apply the black charcoal first while slowly blending forward from shadow to light. I’d cut brushes to suit my style and also to assist in a smooth application.


I applied the charcoal slowly throughout the art piece because of the canvas depth. The canvas holds the charcoal perfectly, as a result, no erasing can take place. I take great care to ensure no mistakes are made due to the charcoal soaking into the canvas. Once I brush through the black and white section, it’s time for colour. I create a unique acrylics mix with thinners and resin type looks. Artists and curators have commented it to appear like watercolour and resin. I mix colours with heavy fan brushes and cut flat brushes. The art is complete once I see the dress move. I create to music, therefore I feel the work is finished as she appears to dance with me.

I have created the largest ballerina art piece to date on gallery canvas. This huge art piece is a first of more to come. I plan on creating various new super sized painting options. Art collectors have asked for more larger pieces, so I’m working hard to create with this in mind.

Art Packaging and Shipping Details

I package all art pieces to the highest level. High quality materials are used to ensure safe arrivals. I send all art piece via TNT, Fed Ex or DHL worldwide. I’ve sent over 200 art pieces worldwide with safe arrivals on all. Art collectors receive notification that their piece is being sent once in transit. I place full insurance on all art pieces and send with tracking numbers.

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