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A Beautiful Sunday

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A Beautiful Sunday- Expressionism

Artwork Details

I have created a super size bicycle themed realism expressionism art piece this week. This acrylics and charcoal work is on a gallery standard canvas, which allows for a greater realism look and allows for thicker acrylic depth in the splatter. I added layer after layer of special acrylic mixes to create a resin-like look in sections. This piece has a hint of inner and outer freedom with the colour choice and see-through top. There are three roses in subtle view at the top of the basket. I also created a mild wet look with the shadowing, almost to hint at an early morning ride.

Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included. All pieces are sealed with charcoal and acrylic fixatives, ready to hang pine backed canvas with 15kg framing wire support on D-hooks. Includes certificate of Authenticity.

Further Information

Buying My Art

You will be directed to my main gallery purchase site once you click on ‘BUY from Gallery’. Prices are shown in AUD (Australian Dollar), though all payment currencies and methods are accepted. Art collectors can add more than one art piece to their cart once at this main gallery website.

All expressionism art pieces have a mix of charcoal and acrylics on canvas and also can demonstrate hints of resin and resin-like mixes. I find that charcoal provides a strong contrast yet also soft blending, which expresses my thoughts on existence well. I use the acrylic mixes to express my feelings on life and provide a sense of movement. Once dry and sealed, you will see an interesting 3D type effect. The charcoal appears to come out of the painting as if the subject was real. Most collectors comment on the detail I place in my works and how the art appears greater in person than online.

All my art pieces are signed on the front, named on the back and come with a certificate of authenticity. Art collectors will receive the best quality packaging materials to ensure safe interstate and international shipping. All art is w